Rankings like this make all the hard work with it!
link building service
We can handle everything from local businesses to worldwide, high competition keywords!
We built 300 links for this client during the first month.  By the end of the month, they had 300 links showing up in MajesticSEO.  Our links are pre-indexed for maxium ranking power!

DiamondLinks is a complete link building service.

Link Building Service

When DiamondLinks first started, we provided our clients with thousands of links per month. Since then, we’ve narrowed down our offerings to focus on results rather than quantity. The change from thousands of links to getting results has been amazing for our clients with almost every client seeing a positive ranking increase.

Custom Plans to fit your needs.

DiamondLinks has a large staff of full-time link builders building links all day, every day. From our private blog network to our guest post service, all of our links are built manually. We do things manually not because it’s easier, but because it works. We’ve streamlined all of our offerings to ensure our rates remain competitive while our services far exceed our competitors. These are not just random links that we hope will help, these are tested and proven to help increase search engine rankings.

Before taking you on as a client, we will review your website and keywords and create an individualized plan based on the needs of your site.

Link Building With Real Results.

We could tell you how effective our link building service is, but we like to let our results speak for themselves. Our clients often see significant rank increases within the first month. We provide rank tracking and full reporting to all of our clients. We will show you all the links we have built each month for your website. We keep our clients confidential, and well informed of the progress that is taking place.

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Ready To Get Started?

We are ready and available to meet your link building needs. You can find a variety of ways to contact us here, including phone, email and Skype.

Recent Testimonial

“Brandon, just wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts with you.

We’ve had our website for several years and have hired link builders in the past. However, while we knew we were doing “something”, we never really knew what we were accomplishing, nor did we ever really see any search rankings improvement. All that changed with you!

Within just a couple weeks, we began seeing noticeably higher rankings and more traffic. Within just a couple of months, we were #1 for some of the most important keywords in our niche. Now, 8 months later, we’ve gotten more aggressive, adding new products, knowing we can dominate those niches, too. All the while, of course, our personal income has skyrocketed.

I personally thank you for the difference you’ve made for us and have recommended you to several other businesses…..who don’t compete!


You need links, we have links, thousands and thousands of links.